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Convergence of Industrial Elite Enterprises 

With the acceleration of the “Made in China 2025” strategy, new powder metallurgy products, new technologies and related equipment pay more attention to original innovation and subversive technology innovation, forward-looking basic research enhancement and close integration with exhibition economy. The same emphasis also applies to the integration and development of new-generation materials for information technology industry, equipment technology and industry, advanced structure and composite materials, new energy-saving and intelligent materials, talent team building, etc.

After 13 years of elaborate construction and tempering, Shanghai International Powder Metallurgy Exhibition & Conference has maintained an average annual growth rate of 32% in the total exhibition area, 21% and 18% respectively in the number of exhibitors and professional buyers. It demonstrates a number of iconic cutting-edge new material innovations and typical applications, providing an optimal platform for technical exchanges, product demonstrations and trade negotiations for domestic and foreign manufacturers.

Focus on Cutting-edge Technology Products

In 2020, the exhibition is expected to attract exhibitors from more than 20 countries and regions such as China, America, Germany, the United Kingdom, Japan, Italy, Sweden, Switzerland, France, Netherlands, Russia, Canada, South Korea, Austria, Poland, Singapore, India, Hong Kong, Taiwan and so on.

Total exhibition area: 30,000 sqm  Exhibitors: 500+

Exhibit brands: 900+     Professional buyers: 25,000+

Media partners: 100+  Academic report meetings: 50+

Eight Highlights of PM CHINA 2020


Part of the exhibitor list (in no particular order)


Praise and Advice from Exhibitors and Visitors

HAITIAN mainly launched two models of ZE400-80 and ZE1200-300h at the exhibition. These two models are no longer driven by hydraulic cylinders, but by electric motors. The exhibition is highly professional, and it is very convenient to contact with customers about the performance of equipment and relevant industry knowledge.

Zhou Zhenglei

Application Engineer of Marketing Department of 


Our featured products are carbonyl iron powder, nickel carbonyl powder and feeding products for the injection molding industry. Nickel carbonyl powder products have reached the international level of similar products and have been highly recognized by domestic and international peers. At the same time, we also launched a new injection molding soft magnetic material and feeding products for carbonyl iron powder to boost the development of the injection molding industry.

Xiao Dongming

Director of Xianghua Metallurgical Factory Jinchuan Group Co., Ltd.

Laiwu Iron&Steel Group Powder Metallurgy Co., Ltd. always insists on innovation, improves quality and efficiency. Our main product this year is atomized iron powder with high pressure shrinkage, and its compressibility reaches over 7.25, which is of the world's advanced level. It won the Excellent Product Award at the World PM last year. During the exhibition, we have contacted more than 100 domestic and foreign companies, and we have received many orders and will continue to participate in the exhibition next year.

Li Puming

President and General Manager of Laiwu Iron&Steel Group Powder Metallurgy Co., Ltd.

As the key enterprise in the industry, Eagle-Globe has been participating in this forum and exhibition. The scale of the exhibition has expanded and the number of exhibitors has increased, attracting many companies from different fields at home and abroad. From raw materials to equipment and other products, the exhibition plays a great role in promoting the overall procurement.

Gong Xiaoping

Vice General Manager of Jiangsu Eagle-Globe Group Co. Ltd.